Welcome to the work of Israeli sculptor Nehemia Azaz, whose artistic career includes architectural and public artworks in Israel, US, UK and Europe; ceramics; stained glass windows; sculptures in metal, stone and wood; and jewellery. Here you can see examples of this work, find out more about his history and view artworks by context or by materials used. Go to latest releases in Azaz in Print
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Architectural Commissions1957-1992

Architectural commissions undertaken by Azaz in Israel, Europe, North America and Africa from 1957 – 1992.  

Ceramics 1953-1959

Ceramic sculptures made in UK, Holland and Israel during his time as manager of a London pottery and as founder and manager of the Ceramic Art Department at Harsa, Beersheva, Israel
Bronze wood stone

Sculpture 1955-1980

Azaz pieces in wood, stone and bronze – many were concepts or maquettes for large scale architectural or public art works.
Bronze wood

Sculpture 1980 -2000

Art pieces including the “Metaphors in Bronze and Wood” collection exhibited at Mabat Gallery in Tel-Aviv and at the Contemporary Art Fair, Olympia, London, in 1987.
Stained glass

Stained Glass 1956 -1994

Works in brightly coloured glass using innovative three dimensional layering and mosaic techniques

Jewellery 1956 -2008

Jewellery designs by Azaz